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Gone are the days when the mining sector was a sector reserved solely for men. Even though there aren't that many women who currently work in the sector, those working in the sector are striving to ensure that their work leads to further inclusion and sustainability.

There were two important events: the first one was on a strategic level with the hosting of a reflection workshop on the representativeness, and role of women's invovlement in the governance and management of mining funds of development, and on the practical side with the planting of mango seeds in a local area where gravel is artisinally mined. 

From 22 to 24 September 2016, the association soeurs de Burkina Faso together with two representatives from each association of the WIMOWA network (Women In Mining of West Africa) attended the Week of Mining Activities of West Africa (SAMAO). The theme for the first SAMAO event was “Mining Sector: stakes and perspectives for sustainable socio-economic development in Burkina Faso” which was organised by the Ministry of Energy, Mines and Employment of Burkina Faso.

During the event, the Association of Women in the Mining Sector of Burkina Faso (AFEMIB) hosted a reflection workshop on: “representativeness, the role and involvement of women in the governance and management of mining funds for local development (FDML)”. This workshop which was funded by the Aid Project to the Development of the Mining Sector (PADSEM) of Burkina Faso sought to “use practical governance tools and the management of the FDML” to “contribute to better take into account of the gender aspect in the implementation of projects and development programmes funded by the FDML”.

Given their determination, perseverance, encouragement and support from their partners, WIMOWA will succeed, and future generations will be grateful to them as they will “enjoy in a sustainable manner, the money generated from these finite resources”. Yet, in the current conditions of climate change, it is vital to implement concrete actions for this future vision to become a reality.

Fortunately, the women from MIMOWA network have a global and pragmatic approach. On this issue of climate change and environmental protection, they commence with “simple”, yet concrete acts even if it is small scale. It is in this light that mango planting took place in Damadè (Togo) during the activities of the annual meeting of 2016. The innovation for reforestation is that each plant was associated with a name tag bearing the designations of the represented associations (ISO codes from the countries preceded by the acronym WIMOWA) and the codes AFEMET of the cooperatives of women in charge of the upkeep of the plants. Each shrub is not merely planted, it is under the watchful eye of the guardians which will guard over them for the future generations.

WIMOWA is a non-profit, non-political and non-faith based network whose objective is to create an influential platform which defends the socio-economic and professional interests of women in the mining and oil sectors in West Africa.

WIMOWA was founded on 21 July 2015 in Abidjan, Cote d’Ivoire during the 2 annual meeting of association of women of the mining sector in the UEMOA space organised by this institution with the purpose of increasing the contribution of women to the development of the mining community. The participants in this meeting taking place in the Constitituve General Assembly came from Benin, Burkina Faso, Cote d’Ivoire, Guinee, Guinee-Buissau, Mali, Niger, Senegal and Togo. The nine countries became office founder members of WIMOWA and stipulate that:

- May be an active member and by country, any national association of West Africa possessing judicial capacities and whose objectives are in line with that of the network;
- The title of honorary member may be given to any physical or moral person having rendered major services to the network or significantly contributed to the promotion of the leadership of women;
- Any person in possession of useful competencies to the activities of the network may be co-opted as resource person; and
- While the network is a non-profit, it may provide services and assistance for which it may be remunerated.

WIMOWA’s main objectives include:

- Strive towards the mergences of active women and leaders in the mining and oil sectors in West Africa;
- Setting up a regional framework for the promotion of activities in the extractive industry in Africa and the globally.

Contact number: +226 25 36 0972 /
E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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