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Working together to protect human rights

The African Coalition for Corporates Accountability attaches the utmost importance to the adoption of an international treaty on Business and human rights. As pointed out in its 2013 launch Declaration, the ACCA recognises the United Nations Guiding Principles on Business and Human rights (UNGPs) – the so-called Ruggie Principles – as an essential international framework to advance corporate accountability.

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However, ACCA notes that the UNGPs, as currently framed and understood, do not fully reflect the experiences and concerns of its constituencies and are currently failing to change lived realities on the ground. It comes as no surprise that ACCA has embraced the treaty process by advocating both at the regional and international level for the adoption of a legally binding instrument on Business and Human rights.

Consequently, ACCA supports the progress made by the Open-Ended Intergovernmental Working Group in advancing the treaty process. In that regard, ACCA had previously made contributions to the Zero draft (2018) as well as the First revised draft (2019 together with CALS). On 6 August 2020, the Second Revised Draft of the treaty was released.

ACCA hopes that the current draft will mark an essential step forward and pave the road towards the adoption of a legally binding treaty on Business and Human Rights. The following is ACCA’S written submission, on the Second Revised Draft Treaty for the session of the intergovernmental negotiations that are taking place in Geneva on 26-30 October 2020.

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