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Latest developments

Since my years as an undergraduate university student in the field of International Relations and French, I have always dreamt of working in the field of international development in Africa. Working for the ACCA has provided me with the necessary opportunity to transform this dream into reality.

Analysts unanimously concur that Africa is the final frontier in terms of business and investment opportunities alike. The ACCA’s raison d’être (ensuring corporate accountability in both investment and business opportunities alike) is therefore not only a noteworthy cause, but one that needs to be achieved collectively. Striking the balance between development and the protection of human and people’s rights is fundamental for sustainable development and integral human development on the African continent.

In the month of August, the revamped ACCA website along with the various social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter and Youtube) will be launched this month and will serve as a springboard through which the ACCA will project itself on the African continent and international arena respectively. In addition, the month of August commenced with the steering committee members voting for the new ACCA logo. The ACCA logo, as displayed in the letterhead above, will be used in all official communications of the ACCA, and hopes to establish a brand and trademark with which this initiative will be associated. The new website will, similarly, boast a Blog which will provide members a platform on which they may, in their personal capacity, generate fruitful discussion on issues pertaining to their work.

I look forward to working together as a team with this illustrious network of committed professionals whose objective is to ensure that the ACCA achieves its goals, namely: (1) working towards the realisation of the ACCA Action Plan and (2) bolstering further the existing links between the ACCA members to promote networking, knowledge sharing and capacity building.

Communication is pivotal to the functioning of the ACCA. We must borrow from the wisdom of the African proverb, “If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together”. In this light, I look forward to seeing the ACCA, in the spirit of collaboration, reach new heights.