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From 2–4 November 2016, the 10th Conference of International Non-Governmental Organisations and Civil Society Organisations accredited to la Francophonie took place in Tanarive, Madagascar at Colbert hotel. The Secretary General of la Francophonie, Madame Michaelle Jean, and Administer of the International Organisation of la Francophonie (OIF), Monsieur Adama Ouane were present at the meeting.

This Conference is held every two years as a prelude to the Summit of Head of States and Governments of the la Francophonie, with its 16th session which took place in Antananarivo, Madagascar from 26-27 November 2016. This conference offers a unique platform to showcase the wealth of diversity amongst the CSOs of the la Francophonie.

The theme for this year's Conference: ‘New Challenges to address renewed Dynamics’, attracted epresentatives of 67 organisations from 28 countries who met to discuss issues ranging from the fight against terrorism, the prevention of radicalisation, migration, social economy, the socio-economic and political integration of youths into public affairs and Nation building, gender equality, and good governance. The work of the participants at the Conference was undertaken in the form of three workshops: (1) The Role and Place of Civil Society Organizations of the la Francophonie in the Prevention of Radicalism especially against Women and Youths. (2) Economic Solidarity and Responsibility, and (3) Civil Society of the la Francophonie vis-à-vis the challenges of Migration.

Judge Mukete Tahle Itoe, Secretary General of the Global Network for Good Governance (GNGG) in Cameroon, represented the GNCC (ACCA members and organisation accredited to the la Francophonie) at this year's conference. Judge Mukete Tahle Itoe had the honour of being granted an audience alongside the Conference by the Secretary General of the la Francophonie, Madame Michaelle Jean. During their meeting, they exchanged views about business and economic growth, corporate accountability in the light of human rights for an effective economic and political stability in the world including a possible working relationship between ACCA and the la Francophonie Civil Society Forum.

Judge Mukete Tahle Itoe
The Global Network for Good Governance (GNGG), Cameroon

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