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Thanks to the financial and technical support from the Support for good governance in the mining sector from the German Development Cooperation, a meeting was held in Bukavu in South Kivu from 11-12 August 2016 and resulted in the launching of the thematic dialogue in the mining sector in Kivu.

Sustainable Investment in Kivu (SIK) is a consultation framework composed of the main actors in the industrial mining and artisanal sector with the public administration and civil society. Its purpose is to ensure sustainable development for the Kivu region and respond to the need for permanent and constructive dialogue expressed by the private sector, civil society and public sector.

SIK is a process based on the thematic approach to reflect on and make recommendations to be applied by relevant stake holders with the goal of constantly improving the manner in which they operate, agreeing on the paths and ways to conduct a healthy and clean activity to improve the lives of communities and Kivu’s mining areas.

The SIK’s Steering Committee has been tasked with the responsibility of driving this initiative forward is composed of the following individuals:
- 2 representatives for Public Administration: Mr Albert Mulikuza Mudukwe and Mr Pataule Kikuni;
- 2 Civil society representatives: Mr Raoul Kitungano and Mr Heritier Mukosa;
- 2 representatives from industrial sectors: attorney Crispin Mutwedu and Ms Colette Mikila; and
- 2 representatives from mining cooperations: Mr Josué Mukulumania and attorney Germaine Bumbu.

Several of the themes discussed were regrouped in about a dozen larger thematic areas which include: artisanal mining areas, fiscal mining, relations between business and mining cooperatives, financing of provincial and local development, corporate social responsibility (CSR) of business, strategies for the mining sector, holders of and mining rights, mines and the environment, professionalization and competition of cooperatives, mining fraud, subcontracting and local content, qualification and validation of mining sites, dialogue process, community rights and artisanal miners.

After the first plenary meeting in August 2016 during which the SIK was constituted, the second plenary session which took place from 14 to 15 November 2016 dealt with the theme “challenges to the securisation of artisanal mining areas in Kivu”. This theme was deemed as a priority during the plenary session which gathered different SIK stake holders.
A third plenary took place from 16 to 17 February in Bukavu with the theme “how to promote Corporate Social Responsibility of businesses in the mining sector in Kivu”. The purpose of this plenary was to spell out CSR principles and align them with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

It is important to note that this permanent and participatory dialogue between all stake holders involved in the management of mining sectors, hydrocarbons and forest was established by the Decree* of the Honourary Prime Minister of the DRC.

* Decree N° 14/005 of 19 Febraury 2014 on the creation, organisation and functioning of the monitoring platform and participapotry dialogues in the extractive industries.

Article by Raoul KITUNGANO MULONDANI – Coordinator of the NGO Justice Pour Tous/DRC, Expert in Natural Resources Governance
E-mail : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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