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Since 2017, the New Media Advocacy Project (NMAP) and the Centre du Commerce International pour le Development (CECIDE) in Guinea have worked together to integrate video into CECIDE’s grassroots outreach to inform and empower communities in Guinea where mining is slated to begin.

In 2017, NMAP traveled to Guinea to visit mining-affected areas, share our educational video series on extractives, and train CECIDE’s local paralegals on how to facilitate video screenings in rural communities. During our visit, NMAP donated a mobile cinema kit, capable of creating a video screening for up to 200 people outdoors or indoors, with or without electricity.

CECIDE helped organize three community screenings in Ayekoye, M’body Fulasso, and Boulléré. Each screening was attended by 60-100 people. In each location, paralegals showed two films and facilitated a discussion in Poular. The community screenings sparked lively debate and, in some cases, led to concrete plans for collaboration with CECIDE on community mapping exercises. The following are highlights of the comments shared by participants at the community screenings:

“The videos showed us that if we are not united, we will not be able to stand up against the mining company. If there is division, we will never be able to protect ourselves.”

“It’s as if you filmed these videos here in this community, because the same thing is happening right here. The mining company recently came to assess our land and they wanted to take the land where we get our water. We cannot let them do that. How will we live without water?”

In 2018, CECIDE will carry out a national tour to share videos with even more communities. NMAP will support this effort, and revisited Guinea in March 2018 to finalize distribution plans and film a short documentary to educate Guinean communities about seeking remedy for mining abuse.

We look forward to sharing more about this rewarding collaboration.

Jessie Landerman - N-Map

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