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The ACCA’s Annual General Assembly attempts to bring together as many of its member organisations to meet and collectively discuss key and emerging issues around corporate accountability. The General Assembly presents an opportunity for ACCA members to define strategies to improve and grow the Coalition and evaluate the progress of ACCA.

In that it allows for a lot of ACCA members and partners from across all regions of Africa and globally to convene, the ACCA’s GA is the Coalition’s biggest event every year. Each year the General Assembly is organized under a specific theme, and in collaboration with an ACCA member organisation from the selected host country.

The GA is hosted rotationally across the different regions within the continent with ACCA membership. This year the GA was hosted in the Southern Africa region in Lilongwe, Malawi on the 31 st of August and the 1 st of September 2022. This was the ACCA’s 8 th General Assembly. The GA was held in hybrid format which allowed for more members, even those that could not attend physically to join in the convening.

The General Assembly was held in collaboration with the Institute of Sustainable Development, an ACCA member organisation from Malawi. Considering the prevalence of the climate change dialogue in the discourse on corporate accountability, this year’s GA was held under the theme “Business, Human Rights and Climate Change: interrogating the intersection between business activities, corporate accountability and climate change in Africa.”

More about the 2023 General Assembly can be found here.