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John G. Ruggie

- Former UN Special Representative for Business and Human Rights

ACCA’s goal of supporting communities and individuals whose human rights are adversely impacted by corporations holds particular promise for the region. It has the potential both to amplify the voice of the vulnerable and to become a partner in defining solutions to business and human rights challenges. As such, I very much hope and expect that ACCA will become a valuable interlocutor for both businesses and governments in the region.

Michael Addo

- Vice-Chair of the OHCHR Working Group on Business and Human Rights

I commend Global Rights for the idea of a coalition of African civil society groups. I think it’s quite critical that if the Guiding Principles are to be successful that they are a collective effort.

Arvind Ganesan

- Director, Business & Human Rights, Human Rights Watch

Civil society consistently advocating for human rights with accurate information about those situations will be the single most important factor in spurring change among companies and governments around the world. The African Coalition for Corporate Accountability is a much-needed platform that allows groups from a large and diverse continent to enable and amplify this kind of research and advocacy for the first time. ACCA has a great opportunity to strengthen corporate accountability all over the continent and beyond.