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Adopted by ACCA members during the 3rd ACCA General Assembly on 07 July 2016

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Article 1: Membership

  1. Members are responsible for participating in the activities of ACCA, and, at a minimum, should endeavour to attend the Annual General Meeting (AGM);
  2. Members are entitled to one vote per organisation, and may exercise that vote directly or through proxy at the Annual General Meeting; and
  3. Proxy votes must be communicated to the Coordinator prior to the AGM by written notification.

1.1 NGOs which have endorsed the ACCA Declaration prior to the 2016 Annual General Meeting (AGM) are considered ACCA Members. The Coordinator may ask these organisations to share the information in 1.4 for record keeping purposes and on a confidential basis.

1.2 The Steering Committee (SC) approves, based on consultation facilitated through email by the Coordinator with the SC membership, membership applications to ACCA. Applications should be emailed to the Coordinator who will forward the application package to the SC members. The SC will have a maximum time‐frame of two weeks to review applications. A majority Steering Committee vote is required for approvals or rejections. After the two‐week time frame, the Coordinator will need to communicate the outcome of the application to the organisation.

1.3 Membership criteria for Members applying after the 2016 GA:

  • The applicant organisation must be a registered NGO recognised by the government of the country of origin of the NGO (in the case whereby the NGO/ organisation cannot be registered with the government for political or other reasons, the application must be accompanied by a profile of the organisation and a brief explanation of the reason for non‐registration); and
  • The applicant organisation must be working in line with the mission of ACCA.

1.4 Application for membership to ACCA needs to be accompanied by the following documentation:

  • Proof of NGO registration issued by the government of the country (in the case whereby the NGO/organisation cannot be registered with the government, please see Article 1.3 above);
  • A copy of the mission statement of the organisation;
  • The contact details of 2 persons who will ensure the organisation’s commitment;
  • A brief description of the current projects and key focus areas of the organisation; and
  • A membership application letter accompanied by a statement that the organisation would like to sign on to the ACCA declaration.
  • 2 recommendation letters from 2 member organisations.

Article 2: termination of membership

  • Members may terminate membership to ACCA at their will. Such termination must be communicated to the coordinator in a timely fashion. Where a concern is raised by a particular member, the coordinator in collaboration with the SC may determine the best way forward.

2.2 The SC by consensus may terminate a member for failing to satisfy any of the above criteria. Such a decision must be validated by a majority vote of the general membership in the subsequent general meeting.