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 Global Energy Finance Tracker Report


4th Session of the IGWG (October 2018)


2018 ACCA GA (October 2018)

Participant list

Day 1

  2018 ACCA GA meeting agenda

  Welcome address (Dr Michel Yoboue)

Advocacy video (Save Lamu)

  Keynote address (Ms Raya Ahmed)

  Keynote address (Ms Hannah Owusu-Koratgeng)

Global peer learning session, Oxfam


The informed component of FPIC - BHRRC



The right to say no - WoMIN


Water documentation exercise - NMAP and Witness

The presentation is available on request

Day 2

  ACCA activity report

ILO: Inclusive growth and development: aligning practices in the private sector with the 2030 development agenda (May 2018)


ACCA's presentation

6th annual UN Forum on Business and human rights (2017)

ACCA session: 'An African perspective to access to remedy – Regional challenges and needs’


ACCA General Assembly

  2017 ACCA General Assembly report

Presentations: 4th ACCA GA (2017)

Day 1 (14 November):

  Welcome note by the ACCA co-Chairperson: Michel Yoboue

ACCA presentation - Caleb Wanga

Private Security Observatory Promoting good private security governance in Africa

Observatoire de la société civile sur la gouvernance des ESP

OEARSE Présentation DCAF_Freddy Kasongo

Challenges and Developments of Private Security Governance

Day 2 (15 November):

Dante Pesce's presentation

NMAP & ZELA presentation

Day 3 (16 November)

  ACCA Annual activity report (2016-2017)

ACCA Financial report (2016-2017)

Consultations session: FPIC

Consultation session access to remedy

ACCA way forward

  Meeting notes

Participant list


ACCA report on the 3rd Annual national conference on economic, social and cultural rights. Theme: business and human rights in Uganda: "Accountability vs social responsibility for corporate abuses."

  Download the report in PDF

ACCA presentation on NAPS at 3rd Annual national conference on economic, social and cultural rights (Flaviana Charles) [2016]

  Download the presentation in PDF

3rd ACCA General Assembly

  Download the report in PDF

Read more about this report

1st ACCA SC meeting

  Download the report in PDF


2nd ACCA General Assembly (2014)

  Download the report in PDF

Read more about this report

Accra Meeting (launch of the ACCA) [2013]

  Download the report in PDF

ABA Rule of Law Initiative

Mining & Communities: Supporting human rights-based development in the context of industrial mining in Guinea (2015)

  Download the practical guide in PDF

Supporting human rights-based development in the context of industrial mining in Guinea (Abridged version) [2015]

  Download the abridged practical guide in PDF

Action pour la Défense des Droits de l'Homme (ADDH) Mineral extration in Kolwezi (2016)

  Download the report PDF (in French)

Conseil Régional des Organisations Non Gouvernementales de Développement du Kasaï Oriental CRONGD

Summary of the round table on diamond mining in the Great Kasai (2015)

  Download the report in PDF (in French)

Endorois Welfare Council

Presentation: reclaiming rights - the Endorois experience (2016)

 Download the presentation in PDF

OHCHR / EWC meeting report (2016)

  Download the report in PDF

Forest Peoples Programme

Behind the veil: transparency, acces to information and community rights in Cameroon's forestry sector (2016)

Download the document in PDF

International Rivers

Animated Resettlement Guide Video for People Affected by Dam Development

Click here to watch the video

African dams rivers and rights - a guide for communities to be impacted by the Inga 3 dam 

  Download the report in PDF

Dams, rivers and rights: an action guide for communities affected by dams (2013)

  Download the guide in PDF

Justice pour Tous Asbl

Socio-economic and environmental impacts of industrial mining on local communities in South Kivu (2015)

  Download the report in PDF (in French) 

Legal Resources Centre (LRC)

Customary Law and the protection of community rights to resources (2014)

  Download the document in PDF

Free, Prior and Informed Consent in Africa: Challenges and Opportunities (2015)

Download the article in PDF

Submissions on the scope and content of the proposed Treaty on Trans-National Corporations (“TNCs”) [2015]

  Download the document in PDF

Submission to the Executive Committe on Development effectivement of the World Bank on the Environmental and Social Framework (2015)

  Download the submission in PDF


Community Land Protection Facilitators Guide (2016)

  Download the guide in PDF

Natural Justice

Balancing the Scales (2017)

  Download the report in PDF

Community Protocols Toolbox (2016)

Download the toolbox in PDF 

Observatoire de la Société Civile Congolaise pour les Minerais de Paix Rapport Alphamin (2017)

  Download the report (in French) in PDF 


Communty Consent Index (2015)

  Download the document in PDF

A community's right to decide (FPIC)

  Download the document in PDF

Strengthening community understanding of free, prior and informed consent trainer’s manual (2014)

  Download the manual in PDF

Uganda Consortium on Corporate Accountability (UCCA)

The State of Corporate Accountability in Uganda - A Baseline Study Report for the Uganda Consortium on Corporate Accountability

  Download the report in PDF


Video Advocacy Toolkit

Access the online advocacy toolkit here


Shaping Development Futures (2016)

  Download the report in PDF

Zimbabwe Enviornmental Law Association (ZELA)

Mines and amendments amendment bill (2016)

  Download the report in PDF

Ms Raya Ahmed Water documentation exercise - NMAP and Witness