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It gives us great pleasure to present this edition of the ACCA Quarterly Newsletter to our readers. This edition of the ACCA newsletter includes: an update on the activities in which the ACCA has been involved; an exclusive interview with Guillain Koko; along with a sneak preview of this year’s ACCA General Assembly (GA) 2018.

Thanks to the new Project’s Coordinator, a working group has been created within the ACCA to start working within the ACCA around the proposed Treaty on Business and Human Rights. The ACCA also sees its vast network and voices as a unique platform through which African CSOs can injecting its views and advocate for the specific matters by which they are most affected. The ACCA also sees the importance of working with other international organisations across the globe working on this issue. To this effect, the Projects Coordinator is currently in discussions with such organisations to see best how to collaborate together to mobilise international support.

The ACCA community should also keep a look out for innovative ways through which the ACCA community can get more involved in the ACCA’s activities. More information in this regard will be communicated to the ACCA community in due course.

We would also like to express our heartfelt thanks to all our funders who generously fund our work.

We hope that you enjoy this edition of the ACCA newsletter!

Kind regards,
Damian and Koko