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Warm greetings to the ACCA community.

The upcoming ACCA General Assembly will be taking place in Nairobi, Kenya from 17-19 October. The theme for this year’s General Assembly is access to remedy. This theme was selected by the ACCA Steering Committee members for two main reasons: access to remedy is one of the themes of the ACCA working group and the theme for this year’s annual UN Forum on Business and Human Rights is access to remedy.

ACCA, together with select organisations, submitted a joint proposal for a session at this year’s upcoming UN Forum on Business and Human Rights. We are currently awaiting feedback from the organisers of the Forum on the outcome of the application and hope for a favourable outcome.

This General Assembly seeks to present the reports on FPIC and access to remedy by the ACCA working group on access to remedy and Free, Prior and Informed Consent (FPIC) that were formed during the 3rd ACCA General Assembly. More information on the upcoming ACCA General Assembly will appear in this edition of the ACCA newsletter.

This edition of the ACCA newsletter features two articles on affected communities. The first article speaks of the Escalating Threats in Lamu and the threats to Communities’ Right to Public Participation and the demand for bank’s due diligence which saved local communities in Malawi from harm. The Secretariat would like to appeal to the ACCA community at large to please send in similar articles for inclusion in the next ACCA newsletter.

ACCA member organisations are strongly encouraged to engage with either the ACCA Secretariat or the Steering Committee members for any further information that they may deem necessary. We hope that you enjoy this edition of the ACCA Newsletter. 

Kind regards,
Damian Oakes