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The Open Society Institute for Southern Africa (OSISA) and Southern African Resources Watch (SARW) jointly organised a national workshop in Lubumbashi aimed female journalists and members of human rights NGOs from the following provinces: Haut-Katanga, le Lualaba, Central-Congo, Kasai and Maniema. The training took place in Lubumbashi, DRC at Park Hotel's Grand Hall, from 02 to 06 May 2016.

This workshop saw the participation of 36 women of which 28 were journalists and 8 NGOs. The purpose of the workshop was strengthening the capacity of female journalists in the DRC in natural resource governance, and the establishment of specialised female structure in monitoring and advocacy to improve natural resource governance.

In the course of the workshop, five themes were developed: sources and information processing from extractive industries, oil legislation and oil supply chain, background information on the EITI, key beenfits, the functioning and challenges of the implementation of the EITI, presentation of women initiatives at the regional level (Sub-Saharan Africa), presentation of advocacy techniques for collecting and processing of information, and a presentation of the Africa Mining Vision.

At the end of the workshop, a platform entitled “plateforme femme” was formed along with an interim committee. The interim committee was mandated with the task of finalising the elaboration of the mechanisms and management tools and functioning of the platform. Members of the interim committee include:

• Dominique Munongo - Management Coordinator;
• Rosette Mamba – Assistant Coordinator for technical affairs;
• Gabriel Pero - Secretariat rapporteur for administration;
• Nicole Bila - Head of finances for research funding and budget setting; and
• Dorcas Nsomue - Head of public relations for communication.


Umpula Nkumba Emmanuel

Umpula Nkumba Emmanuel holds a Masters in Law from the University of Lubumbashi, and has participated in several training on natural resource management. Before joining African Resources Watch (AFREWATCH) and the Platform for Civil Society Organisations working in the Mining Sector (POM) as Executive Director and Assistant Coordinator, he worked for Action Against Impunity for Human Rights (l’Action Contre l'Impunité pour les Droits Humains ACIDH) and the African Association for the Defence of Human Rights (ASADHO) in the Katanga region as Executive Director and head of enquiries. He possesses a vast experience on issues of extractive industries and human rights, and has conducted studies and led studies within the field. He is a member of the Board of Directs of Rights and Accountability in Development.